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Frequestly Asked Question

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions, you may find your doubt is actually been solved. 

Q : Beside real estate, does Myproperty.com.my covering other fields ?

A :

Yes, Myproperty.com.my also covered other fields which related to property such as advertising, designers, building material suppliers, construction, contractor, hotel accomodation, etc. For detail, please visit our classified ads section.

Q :

How do I go for it, if I am interested to advertise at your web?

A : You may logon in to "Advertising" menu and select which services you are interested, fill in the form with your particular and submit to us through email or fax. Your may bank in, post to us you cheque or bank draft for the respective charges as prescribe schedule. Send to us the information you want to advertise.

If you want to subscribe the membership for agent, tender or auctioneer, please fill in the form at the respective menu.

Q : We are a developer and we have our own web site, why should we advertise or join the membership of MyProperty web site ?

A : There is event better if you have your own web site. Purchasers may not know your company's web site, MyProperty.com.my become a marketplace for property purchasers and others relevant parties involved, from here it will link to the developers' web site or advertisement. Furthermore, many developers do not own an individual web site. MyProperty become a 24/7 Online's Property Fair and virtual showroom for developers to display their properties for sale.

Q : How often and what is the benefit people using internet to seek for property ?

A : The real estate industry is in transition. Technology is changing the home-buying experience. Buyers are finding their own homes, lenders, and closing service providers online. Result from survey had shown that internet users gradually increase.

Purchasers need to gather as much information as possible before commit to buy a property. One of the easier and systematic way is through surfing internet. Purchaser can also login to our Property Wanted section and leave their requirements, real estate agents concerned will assist them. Purchasers can save time and free from hassle looking for property.

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